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Basketball Preview

PA Prep Report thinks highly of JHS 

I don't want to get ahead of myself because I look so forward to football season but I couldn't ignore this when I caught word of it.
New Trojan Nation contributor Jason Subich gave me a call and hooked me up with this info.
The website PA Prep Report thinks very highly of Johnstown.  While I love the attention the school is getting I sure hope that the program is not being set up to fail.  In the past, just to get a mention in a preseason poll or even one during the season would be an accomplishment.  The Trojans' remarkable run last season that ended with silver in Hershey was quite the ride but many thought JHS overachieved.  Many thought that the team was in the state final a year early and why not?  Hoffman, Thomas, Jefferson all back for their senior years.
I guess it's a good problem to have as a follower of the program.  I would rather there be intense pressure to repeat a great year rather than questions as to how to improve a losing season.
How good does PA Prep Report think JHS is?  They have the Trojans ranked 17th statewide and 1st overall in Class AAA.  They also have Kurt Hoffman ranked as the 8th best Power Forward in the Class of 2006.
That's very high praise from what appears to be a fantastic website dedicated to PA Prep Hoops.  But before the Trojan Nation makes travel plans to Hershey, SLOW DOWN!  It is extremely difficult to get back to the state title game in consecutive years.  Whether you won or not.  Consider this, in the Class AAA bracket in the past ten years only ONE time did the a team make back-to-back appearances in the title game.  Under legendary coach John Miller, Blackhawk of the WPIAL beat Holy Ghost Prep for the title in '99 and returned but lost to Steel High in '00.  You can check out the rest of the classifications yourself to see how hard of an accomplishment this truly is. 
I don't mean to rain on everyone's parade, I got caught up in the excitement just as much as everyone else last winter following the basketball team.  JHS and Westmont's girls' success was a great catalyst for the community.  However, I wish to forewarn those in the Nation that feel because so many key starters are back that the trip back to the finals will be automatic.  If that is how you feel you should lighten up right now.
John Fuschino knows as well as anyone that the bull's-eye will be on his back this winter.  Everyone in the LHAC and beyond will be out to beat the Trojans.  I just hope that failure to return to the state title game won't automatically equal failure for a season.  That would be sad indeed.
But, hey, let's get through the gridiron season first!
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