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Report from Football Camp
Preseason Intersquad Scrimmage Report

As I attended the first open practice of the season for the Trojans, what kept coming to mind was one of my former coaches, Coach McCray, and what you would here him say hundreds of times during camp.  "Hey, hey, hey, It sure feels good to be a Trojan today!”  I'm sure it felt good for the 70+ players that I counted at practice.

Practice started with the usual stretching and of course Trojan Jacks.  After stretching, the Trojans started Oklahoma drills.  It sure was great hearing the pads pop. The players definitely were into it.  They really got into it when the coaching staff had Corson and Kush square off. These two lineman are without a doubt the two best linemen in the Laurel Highlands this season.  Trojan fans will definitely see these two guys opening huge holes this season.

After the Oklahoma drills, we got to see some live action. The first team offense and defense looked crisp.  Just from my few hours of observation, it looks like the Trojans team speed may be even a step better this year.  One thing that also pleasantly surprised me was some of the size of the underclassmen.  You can tell that Coach Arcurio and his staff have implemented a great weight training program.

It also was great seeing such a great turnout of family and fans during this open practice.  I'm sure it was a great feeling for the players having that many people at a practice.

Saturday, we should get a better idea of where the players are settling.  The first scrimmage is set for 10am as the Trojans will take on Forest Hills at Trojan Stadium.

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