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Alma Mater

To Dear Old Johnstown High
John H. Cover, Feb 1909

Verse One:
In the shadow of the mountain, With the stream meand'ring by,
Rises glorious Johnstown High School O'er surroundings tow'ring high.
Raise your voices, waft the echoes Thru the valleys' far away,
Hoist the black and pale blue banner, With our praises let it sway.
Verse Two:
From thy chapel in the morning Where our Maker's help is sought,
To the end of ev'ry session Truth and steadfastness are taught.
Verse Three:
In athletics as in studies, Mingles honor of thy name,
Which spurs our men to vict'ry And makes thee known to fame.
Verse Four:
So to thee, our inspiration, Lift we this, our song of praise,
While to thy most fathful guidance We will trust our future days.

Johnstown Middle School chorus performing the Alma Mater, 4/16/2009.  (Video courtesy of Brian Krise)


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